How Can I Help?
  • Sponsorship - You can help to arrange contribution for the burns surgeries or help arrange sponsorship in kind, e.g. consumables, medicines, etc.
  • Volunteers - You are invited to volunteer in the camp by adding a human touch to ease the burns victims and their families during the procedures at the National Burns Centre 
  • Victims – You may help in identifying burns victims and referring them to the 'Operation Restore' team to screen them for suitability for the camp
  • Awareness – You can help in spreading awareness about Skin Donation, essential for burns related procedures.
For Participation Contact
  • National Burns Centre - +91-22-27793333 (Shilpa Karnik)
  • Rotary+91-9820281068 (Vishnu Kamat), +91-9769549588 (Rema G Nair)
  • Email -