Operation Restore is an initiative by Rotary District 3141 in which Burns patients are surgically treated to correct functional, non-cosmetic deformities and contractures, reducing the patients' disabilities and improving their quality of life.

This unique medical camp has been successfully conducted for the last 8 years, jointly by Rotary District 3141 and the National Burn Centre, and is co-ordinated by the Rotary Club of Deonar. Earlier the Project was held in association with Operation SMILE, a team of visiting overseas and Indian doctors and specialists. However for the last one year, the Project has been managed and funded completely by Rotary District 3141 and NBC.

Why Operation Restore - The Problem of Burns

  • Hundreds of persons get burnt everyday and a number of them die every day
  • Treatment of burns in a hospital is very costly - beyond the reach of the underprivileged
  • Even if the victim’s life is saved, disfigurement or crippling disabilities follow in most cases making their life miserable
  • Majority of the most crippling burns cases in India are young housewives where the quality of life is impacted severely

What is Operation Restore - Salient Features

  • Complete treatment including pre-operative screening, corrective surgery, and post operative care are provided absolutely free of cost for poor patients
  • Extensive burn related deformities which affect the functional abilities of the patient are corrected
  • The burn deformity surgeries are conducted by specialized team of doctors including surgeons and anaesthesiologists, and nurses, with specialized experience in the field
  • Doctors scrutinize each case carefully as each burn related deformity is an unique one, and a thorough investigation procedure needs to be formulated for each surgery
  • Each corrective surgery takes several hours
  • Post-surgery follow up is equally important because such burn related deformities are at a very high risk of infection

Where and How of Operation Restore

  • Operation Restore has so far benefitted more than 250 patients from all over India including from far away places like Kerala and Chandigarh
  • The camp is conducted at the National Burns Centre, Airoli
  • It is held four times a year with 50-60 patients operated in an year
  • Each surgery costs ~Rs 80,000/- on an average
  • Infrastructural and nursing facilities are provided by NBC free of cost
  • The professional fees of the operating team is also waived off
  • However, the consumables cost of ~Rs 30,000/- per patient needs to be funded